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How to cancel recurring payments from PayPal business accounts

How to cancel recurring payments from PayPal business accounts

When you use PayPal to sign up for a subscription service, you are asked to approve recurring, ongoing payments to the seller. It’s simple, set and forget.

But what happens when you want to cancel the recurring payment? Most online services will let you do so in the account setting on their own website or app. But not everyone. Some sellers require you to cancel the subscription by cancelling your automatic, recurring payments in PayPal.

Unfortunately, PayPal doesn’t necessarily make it easy for you to find the right page. Only just yesterday I looked through all the menu options in my PayPal account to find the da*n option. Nothing!

Then I searched “how to cancel recurring payments in PayPal”. What I found was, I should be able to click the cogwheel in the top right corner of my PayPal account, go to My Money then go to Automatic Payments and so on.

There’s just a slight problem with that… The My Money option is nowhere to be found! Back to the drawing board. I eventually found an external website that had a link directly to the relevant page. There’s just one slight problem with that. It’s a bit risky – unless you’re super observant – to follow links from a website you don’t know or trust straight into the inner sanctum of a financial service you’re using. What if the link was spoofed?

Now, I’m not sure if this total absence of a My Money option is intentional or a bug. I have a PayPal business account, so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it.

Nevertheless… Today, I finally found the latest new way to cancel recurring, automatic and subscription payments in PayPal. It works for me on my business account. If you are on a personal PayPal account, your mileage may vary.

How to cancel recurring payments in PayPal

Time needed: 3 minutes.

This is how you cancel recurring, automatic and subscription payments in PayPal:

  1. Log in with your PayPal username and password


  2. Click the cogwheel in the top-right corner, and select “Account settings”

  3. Search for “Automatic payments” in your account settings

    When you get to your account settings, you’ll find a search box on the left-hand side of the page. Type automatic payments into the search box, hit Enter and click Update next to My automatic payments.

  4. Curly one… Click the link to “My pre-approved payments”

    If you’re cancelling a pre-approved payment from a customer to yourself (if you have a business account), this is where you should find what you need. If you’re actually wanting to cancel a pre-approved payment plan from you to another provider, you will need to click the “My pre-approved payments” link:

  5. Find the payment you want to cancel

    Click the name of the merchant to whom you want to cancel payments. (I’ve blacked out the merchant names below for privacy.)

  6. Click the ‘Cancel’ link to stop any future recurring/automatic payments to that merchant

    And with that, you’re done!


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